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Cage is dedicated to simplicity and flexibility of design. Do you want to change the bulb? Do you want to change the shade? Just hold and pull the shade.

Removing of the metal shade is very easy. Thanks to the magnetic wooden piece which holds the shade

Different colors and shapes can be used together. Unexpectedly no screwing is necessary!

Cage Pendant

  • Ürün Türü:Sarkıt Aydınlatma

    Ürün Serisi:Play With Design

    Tasarım Yılı:2015

    Ölçüler(cm.) :28 çap, 48 yükseklik

    Malzeme:Ham ceviz taban ve metal şapka

    Bitiş:Mat Metal Kaplama Şapka, Mat Vernikli Ceviz Taban

    Teknik Özellikler: 70 cm.  Siyah Kumaş Kaplı Kablo E27 Soket, max. 60watt

  • Dusting with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth with minimum pressure is recommended. Dont use polishing products, water or any abrasive materials for celaning. Always switch off the electiricity suplly before cleaning.


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